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Monday, 8 January 2018

Knowing the truth of the wife of this fighter actress of south India will be grounded under the feet!

Knowing the truth of the wife of this fighter actress of south India will be grounded under the feet!

Today the craze of South films has increased in the country today than before. South's films have become the first choice of favored people to watch the action. There was a time when many South actors were limited to only South, but in today's era many of South art artists are making their mark in the entire country. In the Action Hero of South where Rajinikanth, Allu Arjun, Chiranjeevi, Surya, Vijay and Akkineni Nagarjuna are famous, they are also a hero who has given you a wonderful action and amazing tribute. Have a special identity.

He is the hero and no one is the wind welfare, whose image remains in the form of an action hero. Very few people know that this action actress of South is the brother of superstar Chiranjeevi. Pawan Kalyan, known as the 'Power Star Pawan Kalyan' in South Industries, is not only an actor but also a well-known producer, politician, writer and director. Today, the fan-followings of Pawan Kalyan have gone a long way, and South's highest earning There are many films of Pawan Kalyan in the list of films with him.

Today, we make you aware of the private life of this great artist. Famous about the actors of South India's actors that they marry only once in their life, there are very few actors who divorces their wives to another marriage. Pawan Kalyan is the first actor of South Film Industries, who has been married three times.

Pawan Kalyan had made his first marriage with Nandani in 1997, but due to not having a good family life after a few days, Pawan Kalyan divorced in 1999 with his wife Nandani and after that 2000, Pawan Kalyan declared the South Married to actress Renu Desai. This marriage of Pawan Kalyan did not last too much and for three reasons after marrying Pawan Kalyan, he got divorced from his wife Renu Desai.

After this, a Russian girl Anna Lazehneva came in the life of Pawan Kalyan and in 2013 Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lazehinva got tied in the marriage bond. For your information, tell Pawan Kalyan for shooting his film 'Three Mar' in 2011. During the first time met Anna, Pawan Kalyan in the film where Lead was in roll, Anna also had a role in the film.


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