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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Difference Between Being In A Relationship When You’re 18 Vs. When You Are 30

Difference Between Being In A Relationship When You’re 18 Vs. When You Are 30

At each stage of life with get crushes, get into relationships, make them to last  a life time or break them up for good. But our relationships differ with our age?

1. At 18: He is probably your classmate or maybe the hot older brother of your girlfriend.

At 25: You met him at a cousin’s wedding or a party.

2. At 18: You are all giggles and try to show how cool you are. He probably boasted of his guitar skill or vice versa.
jane tu ya jane naa

At 25: You know the drill. You praise him for his smile, he does that for your eyes and both of you praise each other  for the accomplishments each achieved.

3. At 18: You would go for a movie together…Ooohhh… that’s the best plan ever!

At 25: Umm… Restaurants me dinner then a drive back home. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

4. At 18: You guys go to the movies, hang out with friends, go bowling… Phew. So, much to do.

At 25: Restaurant. Dinner. Drive. Yeah.

5. At 18: How cool was the party the other night or who is your favorite actor are the talks of the day.

At 25: Your meeting minutes consist of how you love children, where is your next business tour going to be or…..

6. At 18: You meet them alright, but as your gf/bf’s ‘just friend’ and it’s never hard to talk to them, just take the side of aunty or uncle when they are scolding their son or daughter and they will be your best buddies!

At 25: You make sure you are wearing traditional clothes, and for guys, you are wearing jeans and your best shirt. You greet them with a Namaste, touch their feet and help them in the kitchen.

7. At 18: You have been posting your pics with your guy or gal ever since you first dated! Where you went, what you ate; everything just needs to be told and heard alike!

At 25: What is this excessively obsessive need to showcase everything on social networking sites? People will know when they needa know!

8. At 18: You have even decided on the names of your kids and talk freakishly about how your lives are going to be in the future together.

At 25: You do the same only it has more practical things like where are you going to settle down or where will you take your house.

9. At 18: It’s like end of the world to you. You keep checking your phone crazily for your now ex-bf. Keep on hugging his gifts and crying till your eyes pop out!

At 25: A tub of ice-cream and a good movie… This is all you need to get over your ex. Good you got an excuse to dig in your favorite Belgian chocolate!


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