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Thursday, 3 October 2019

How to download movies from uTorrent on desktops and smartphones?

How to download movies from uTorrent on desktops and smartphones?
In this technology-driven world, different entertainment resources have come up with new ideas. We all are familiar with Netflix and Hotstar, leading competitors in the entertainment industry. uTorrent is the best source to download latest movies around the globe. Without any confusion, uTorrent is one of the famous torrent clients. uTorrent is also enhancing its features with an ease for the users. Since past couple of year’s uTorrent is only torrent client to watch movies without any risk of safety and harm to the devices. If you read this article further, you’ll get to know more about uTorrent and its facts including tips and tricks about downloading movies.
Ø How to download movies from uTorrent?
There are various facts that you need to understand before downloading movies from uTorrent. For a new user, it’s a bit difficult to find torrent or download it. But, in this article, you’ll learn from basic to the downloading process. Learning about installing the torrent client and finding torrents is also important. Even you will also get to know about using uTorrent on Android phones. But, developers of uTorrent recommend downloading torrent movies from genuine links. Now, you are ready to install uTorrent on your PC or laptop. Let’s further learn about installation guide of uTorrent.
v Step 1 – Downloading and installing uTorrent on PC
·        Open your browser and enter http://www.utorrent.com/ in the URL box. You should only use safe browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
·        After reaching on the official webpage, you will see uTorrent classic which is the perfect torrent client. You can also use uTorrent Web if you don’t wish to download the software on your PC. In some cases, many users can see ‘uTorrent for windows’ which is also safe to download.
·        You have to sit back and relax, till the downloading process comes to an end. The uTorrent downloading procedure can take unexpected time if your computer speed and Wi-Fi network is slow.
·        uTorrent may also prompt you to purchase the bundle version, so you should be careful before starting the installation process. 
·        The installation process can vary due to different operating systems. To install, double click on the uTorrent file and click on ‘Yes’ option when suggested. Always choose the option ‘Next’ during the installation process and finish it.
·        Now, you are finally ready to watch your favourite shows and movies on uTorrent.
v Step 2 – Downloading the torrent
·        Now, you have to open a trusted and fast browser such as Google Chrome. You need to find a genuine torrent website to download movies.
·        Before downloading, always use a safe torrent website, because you can even land up in a serious problem. Currently, there are many legal issues in many countries related to torrent websites.
·        You can even go through legal torrent suggestions around the internet. For illustration, we will go through ‘The Pirate Bay’ which is one of the popular and safe torrent website.
·        After reaching on the webpage of ‘The Pirate Bay’ you can also click on ‘Movies’ option to go through all the torrents. You can even find your particular movie in this section.
·        You can enter your favourite movie name in the search bar to find the best torrent. A list of torrents will appear in the results of your preferred movie. Finding a perfect torrent which is virus free and doesn’t have any copyright issues is not an easy task. 
·        The simplest way to find the best torrent which meets your expectations, you should always choose the top results torrents because they are safer. Let’s learn more about finding a best torrent which will help you to find the best one in future without wasting your precious time.
·        Before opting for a torrent, there are few things you should keep in your mind.
ü High video quality – You should always prefer downloading the best quality torrents. A torrent with at least 720p is acceptable. It would be great if you get 1080p torrent in the top results.
ü Glance on the Seeders – The numbers in SEED column is also important before downloading a torrent. You should always choose higher number of ‘SEED’ or equivalent to ‘LEECH’ numbers in the section.
ü Torrent information – Before downloading any torrent always check every detail about it. Always download the right torrent which meets your requirements.
·        There are some additional things which are necessary for you before downloading any torrent to avoid any restrictions. You should always go through the feedbacks of any torrent before downloading it. Always download the torrent which has positive feedbacks rather than negative ones. You should also check the ratings and download the best one among other torrents.
·        Once you have found the best torrent, you are ready to download it now.  You have to click on ‘Get this torrent’ or similar option is ‘Download torrent’. If any of the above option doesn’t work double click on the torrent and open it in uTorrent.
·        There are many other Torrent websites which display ads while downloading any file. There are many fake ads which can harm your computer’s software. Many users around the globe recommend using genuine torrent websites.
·        Once the download process of your torrent is over, double click on it directly. You can even drag the file with the help of cursor onto uTorrent. The download file can also appear in the default location of uTorrent. If you want to download the file directly to the specific location, change the default settings before downloading.
·        Let the download process of the file come to an end in the uTorrent. A ‘Seeding’ option will appear to the right of the torrent’s name. Seeding means sharing the data of your file with other individuals who are also willing to download it.
Now, you are familiar about how to download movies from uTorrent on PC? But uTorrent is also available on Google Play Store for the Android users. There is an alternative torrent client known as BitTorrent which is similar to uTorrent. You might love torrenting on your smartphone too, because laptops and PCs are not handy. Let’s know about using uTorrent on Android smartphones.
Ø How to use uTorrent on Android smartphones?
There are many users around the globe which still don’t know that they can use their favourite uTorrent on their tablets and smartphones. Are you also one of them? Then keep reading this article to know about using uTorrent on Android.
v Step 1 – Installing uTorrent on smartphones/tablets
·        You can easily download uTorrent from Google Play Store without any limitations. Just open your Google Play Store and type ‘uTorrent’ in the search box.
·        You have to press the ‘Install’ button near the overview of uTorrent.
·        The application size is not too large; it’s just 12 to 14 MB, which will hardly take few seconds.
·        Once the installation process is over, press the ‘Open’ button. uTorrent will ask important permissions and you have to allow them.
v Step 2 -  Downloading a torrent
·        Now your downloading and installation process is over. The next step is to know about downloading torrents through this application.
·        Once you launch the app, a quick guide will appear on the screen which is essential before using this application.
·        Click the ‘Search’ icon which appears in the top left corner. For example type ‘Justin Bieber torrents’ and list of many website will appear on the screen.
·        Visit the top torrents website which are safe and legal and offer high quality videos. When you click on the torrent file, press the uTorrent application on your smartphones.
·        uTorrent will start downloading the file and will seek for the seeders. You can also view the file information during the downloading process.
·        Once the downloading process, comes to an end, you have to launch uTorrent application and start enjoying your music or movie.
uTorrent application will automatically download the file into default location. You have to change it according to your choice. The uTorrent process is much easier and safer on smartphones rather than laptops and desktops. While downloading any movie or show, trust on the top torrent websites because they are legal and safe to use. On the other hand they offer high quality videos in various formats. If you are fond of uTorrent, then make sure you delete the old torrent movies from your smartphones to reserve space for the upcoming ones. Hope you understand about using the uTorrent application on Android tablets and smartphones.
Final Words
So finally, you know about watching your favourite movies through uTorrent on both desktops and smartphones. Watching movies on uTorrent is also helpful to other individuals because you seed the torrent. But, many torrents and website are having various viruses and malwares. So you prefer using antivirus or antimalware softwaresto avoid any harm to the devices. Just remember that download any torrent on your own risk. I hope that this article will be truly helpful for you. Now, you can also easily download any torrent with the help of our step by step guide.



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