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Thursday, 3 October 2019

How to download your favourite Showbox movies directly to the SD card?

How to download your favourite Showbox movies directly to the SD card?
We all are familiar with the streaming services such as Netflix which offer offline streaming in user’s comfort zone. Now, users prefer watching their favourite shows and movies offline while travelling rather than online streaming. Before Netflix, there were hardly any apps or services which offer offline streaming. Showbox is the top-notch streaming app when it comes to offline streaming with some additional features. Showbox act as a helpful friend for the users who plan for long flights for professional meetings. Showbox is an exclusive application which also supports download feature too.
Both Android and IOS smartphones have limited internal storage, and the downloaded movie with high-quality video resolution will easily occupy 1.5 to 2 GB. Due to such movies and shows, there is always a storage problem, and you cannot dedicate entire storage capacity only for movies and shows. In such cases, a question arises that ‘How to download Showbox movies to SD card?’If you are interested to know the answer to this question, then keep further reading this article. I’ll also provide you with the essential steps to download your favourite shows and movies in Showbox application.
Ø How to download Showbox movies?
You might feel that knowing about the download process of Showbox movies is not necessary. But once you know about downloading Showbox movies then transferring them to SD card is easy and quick. You can below read the quick step by step guide to download Showbox movies easily.
·        Showbox is easily available on the internet through various genuine links. You can download it easily from links if you are a new user.
·        You can enter into Showbox and glance on the posters of movies and shows available in the application.
·        You can simply click on the right of your favourite movie poster. A list with appear with different video resolutions. You can choose any one resolution and further continue the process.
·        Keep in mind if you want a higher resolution, it will occupy more space in your smartphone. If your internal or external storage is less, prefer downloading low quality or simple HD movies.
·        Now you can click on the ‘Download’ button on your smartphone. A notification or pop-up will appear on the screen showing the downloading process.
Once the download process is over, you can stream it in offline mode without any restrictions. If you want to see the download section, click on the menu button in the top horizontal section. Then click on the option ‘Downloads’ and series of movies will appear on your smartphone.
Ø How to download Showbox movies toexternal storage (SD card)?
Now, you know about the downloading process of Showbox movies. Let’s move to the main question about the saving space of internal storage. As everyone knows, that downloading the Showbox process in the internal storage is not convenient. High-end smartphones still have less internal storage when we compare with a computer or an external storage drive. If you put your favourite movies into external storage, you’ll be able to insert your important documents and other files in internal storage. You can also eject your SD card and stream your favourite movies and shows in other devices. Remember to plug your SD card into a device which can support it without any limitations. Now, finally you are familiar with all the terms, let’s start with the main and essential process.
·        To make sure your movies appear in the SD card, you’ll need Advanced Download Manager application. This application is easily available on Google Play Store without paying a single penny.
·        Now open the Advanced Download Manager application and on the top left-hand side, click the three horizontal lines. Then click on the ‘Settings’ options. Again a set of options will appear, you have to click on ‘Downloading’ option.
·        Now, you’ll see Folder for Files, simply click on it. After clicking it, you have to tap on the first option which appears on your screen.
·        Once you click on it, an option will appear saying Access to SD Card. You have to choose that option now.
·        Then finally you have to choose your SD card. Now, click on the top right three dots on your screen. Now, you have to name the folder according to your choice. Please name it as ‘Showbox Video’ which is simple to understand.
·        Remember, the process has not yet come to an end. Now again, you have to launch your Showbox application.
·        Again you have to find your favourite movie or show which you prefer to download on your smartphone.
·        Now select the video quality and click on the side three dots which will appear on your screen.
·        Choose the ‘Other Player’ option from the menu. Now click on the ’Close’ option.
·        Once the above process is over, click on the ‘Watch Now’ option. A list of many players will appear on the screen. You have to choose the ‘ADM editor’ option. Under ‘ADM editor’ two common options will appear such as ‘Always’ and ‘Just Once.’ If you just want to give a try to this procedure, click ‘Just Once’ option. On the other hand, if you will frequently be using ADM editor then click on ‘Always’ option.
·        Now, pull your notification bar, under the heading of ADM editor, you can rename your file according to your choice. You can even name the MP4 file according to your favourite movie or show.
·        Under the ADM editor notification, you have to click on ‘Start’ option. Now finally the ADM editor will start downloading the file directly into SD card.
·        You might be a little excited that finally your favourite movies and show will appear in the SD card. Still, there is a quick final process remaining, which will not consume much time.
·        Now you have to enter into your ‘Downloads’ section on your smartphones. You’ll see the download process of your favourite content is over and it has finally seen in the external storage.
·        Your favourite content is not in your smartphone’s internal storage. Now again to your ‘Downloads’ section and click the top corner three horizontal lines. Choose your SD card under ‘Downloads’ sections.
·        Remember you create a ‘Showbox’ folder before; you’ll find that folder now. Once you find that folder, you’ll see that your favourite content is into the ‘Showbox’ folder. In simpler words, the content is now in the SD card.
·        Now you can easily download your favourite shows and movies with the help of Showbox application. Also now you can locate your content quickly into the SD card.
It’s upto you now whether to download the movies and shows directly to the external or internal storage. If you opt for external storage, the process is quick and easy with less time consumption. You should prefer creating a separate ‘Showbox’ folder if you want your favourite content in a removable SD card. Remember that only use Advanced Download Manager application for this process. If you try to use other applications which are available on the internet, your phone can land up into problem. There are many other apps which are similar to Advanced Download Manager, but they consist of several bugs and malware. Such applications can harm your device’s software and OS.
Ø What are the quick beneficial features of Showbox application?
v Showbox has useful feature of streaming the content offline, whereas other applications still have some limitations when it comes to downloading the movies or shows.
v Showbox application speeds the download process, which is a unique feature and hardly other applications offer such features.
v Showbox application offers a wide range of latest movies and shows and users can download them with ease. The download process of any movie or show needs a few clicks.
v The file size of any content, whether it’s a movie or show is a little bit in compressed form. Users can easily download long movies even if there are any storage restrictions.
v The interface of Showbox application is user-friendly and navigating all the sections is easy. Showbox application has positive feedbacks, which states there are no bugs and viruses. The developers of Showbox application frequently provide updates to this application. 
Final Words
Now, you might have got a clear picture of the Showbox application and its features. Showbox application is easy to use without any complications. The main doubt of downloading the content directly to SD card is also evident. You can easily follow the process which will help you to answer all your questions related to Showbox application. Make sure you follow all the important instructions to download all your favourite shows and movies directly to the SD card. Remember, there are no shortcuts to this method; you’ll have to follow this procedure correctly. Always update your Showbox application to avoid any bugs and crashes further. I hope that this article is helpful enough clear all your doubts related to Showbox application and its features.
That’s all. Now you are ready to download and watch your favourite movies and shows on the go with the help of Showbox application. Enjoy with your movies.



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